Labour charges, domestic works

*Please note, prices are for labour charges only and they do not include

 cost of any materials unless otherwise stated. Please call for details.

Replace kitchen tap (existing plumbing)                                                       £75

Kitchen unit fitting (no flat pack)                                                                   £45

Water mains stop valves replacement, including valve                             £175

Light fixture replacement (similar to existing)                                            £45

Electrical socket or light switch replacement                                              £45

Radiator replacement                                                                                      £117

Worktop fitting (laminate) per linear meter                                                £55

Worktop router joint                                                                                      £125

Worktop sink, hob or other cut outs                                                             £45

Kitchen sinks installation, incl. plumbing hook up (existing). Each     £125

Toilet replacement (standard pan and cistern)                                            £75

Door replacement (interior including lock fitting)                                  £125

Door replacement (exterior including lock fitting)                                  £180

Wood floor fitting, per m2                                                                                £40

Washing machine hook up                                                                              £55

Integrated, (built in) dishwasher fitted and plumbed in                             £125

Door lock replacement                                                                                      £55

Additiional door lock fitting                                                                             £85